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Happy Children in the World


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It is not the fantastic hotels, the beautiful beaches or even the fascinating history of the places I visit that is most enjoyable when traveling. My most beautiful memories are related to the interactions with the local culture. I like to bring home dialogues and smiles exchanged with local people. Without a doubt, children give the greatest satisfaction.

In the Pacific Islands I often relive the fun of diving in the water. The lack of technology means that the children who live there retain the creative spirit and joy of childhood. They transfer positivity and cheer. They tell stories about their incredible lives - waking up at 4 am, preparing breakfast and then surfing on a small canoe to go to school on a nearby island.


Meeting these children teaches you not to forget the beauty of life. My smile and jovial personality often attract the attention of all of them. I believe they recognize in me the same lively spirit they have in their everyday life.

In a small Mozambique country I danced to the rhythm of drums surrounded by schoolgirls. In Bangladesh, young women have taught me to wear a typical skirt which covers knees. In Papua New Guinea I enjoyed showing these little warriors how to make selfies.

What is even more beautiful is giving these genuine children a simple gift. Their happy faces fill your heart. The magic of surprise can be recognized in their eyes that shine from happiness. Even though they are unconscious of it, they always give me the most memorable trip experiences.

The attitude of happy children, who are less fortunate in the world, should remind everyone of us the secret to living with lightness, enthusiasm, wonder and simplicity.

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