Dalila Roglieri

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. [Voltaire] ”

A well balanced diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining good health. Unfortunately, it is frequently associated with recipes without flavors and ineffective nutritional plans.

The success to healthy nutrition lies behind the right choice and association of ingredients. 

A culinary nutritionist combines portions and proportions, chooses the right cooking methods and knows how to find methods of consuming meals in ways and times that stimulate metabolism. A chef enhances flavors in each dish and transforms simple ingredients in fine dining creations. Together they make being in shape possible. They help people taste and appreciate high-end cuisine, and enjoy the convivial pleasure of meals.

The meeting with the world of food service was the biggest professional challenge that I have taken so far.

Enhancing the nutritional value of a dish by working closely with professional chefs is extremely stimulating. Each recipe is carefully created by considering the nutritional richness of various components and culinary techniques that aim at celebrating flavors.

The principles which define my food philosophy are those of the "Mediterranean Diet", which is defined by UNESCO as an intangible heritage. Genuine ingredients and simple cooking that enhance the quality and richness of flavors.  I promote the treasure of Mediterranean gastronomic culture, eating pattern based on the consumption of grains, legumes, seasonal vegetables and fruits, mouth-watering dishes prepared with local and sustainable ingredients. I collaborate with Chefs in the creation of recipes and healthy menus. I set up tasty and personalized food plans as well as organize nutrition and Mediterranean cuisine lessons.

Not only is food the nutrition for the body and mind but also a pleasure for the soul. Have a look on my Recipes!

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