Dalila Roglieri

Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics and Healthy Nutrition

Diet plans for sugar and fat metabolism such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia

Diet plans for the prevention and treatment of established pathologies

Diet plans for malnutrition, overweight and obesity

Oncology Nutrition

Vegetarian and vegan nutrition

Nutrition in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Nutrition for children from 6 years of age and adolescents

Diet plans for well-being, physical fitness and maintenance of muscle tone in old age

“The Nutritionist of the future will promote the Wellbeing of its patients through the sharing of proper nutrition, an active lifestyle and their personal growth ”


The consultancy includes a first meeting which aims to:

know the patient's needs, goals and nutritional status

agree together on the strategy aimed at achieving the result.

During the first meeting it is necessary to bring with you the latest blood and urine tests (possibly within 12 months), the reports of any medical examinations carried out recently and any diets to which you have undergone.

After the first meeting (within approximately 7 days) there is the delivery of the nutritional and nutraceutical plan tailored to the patient.

The subsequent meetings will be agreed together and have the purpose of evaluating the results of the nutritional path undertaken and making any changes.


It is possible to request NUTRITIONAL ADVICE FOR GROUPS AND ASSOCIATIONS through scheduled days and themed events.