Dalila Roglieri

Sport Nutrition

Sports Nutrition combines knowledge in Dietetics and Food Science with exercise physiology to enhance the athlete's athletic performance and ensure their well-being at different stages of the sporting season.
    - Nutrition and supplementation in different sports disciplines for athletes and amateurs
    - Nutrition and supplementation for weight loss, muscle definition and hypertrophy
    - Vegetarian and vegan nutrition for athletes and amateurs
    - Ketogenic diets, zone diets, intermittent fasting and other sport-specific diets

“As a professional tennis player I followed my passion and I specialized in Sport Nutrition and Dietetics for athletes and sport amateurs   ”


Each sports nutrition programme starts with a careful assessment of the athlete's body composition.
In the studio it is possible to assess weight, height and anthropometric measurements - Subcutaneous and abdominal body fat distribution - Skeletal muscle mass - Fat and muscle mass on each body segment - Striated muscle strength - Muscle assessment for injury recovery - Hydration and fluid retention - Posture and balance.
Each assessment is carried out with accurate instrumentation: medical scale and altimeter, latest generation RJL bioimpedance, dynamometer, plicometer, FIT 3D Body Scanner.

Technology to visualise change

The Fit 3D body scanner visualises the human figure in three dimensions and measures with absolute precision all the circumferences useful for checking the correct course of a diet plan, sports training or simply one's own physical well-being.

After the second measurement, this revolutionary body scanner superimposes the recorded data of the previous measurements. By superimposing the two templates, you can visually assess your progress.